Ways to Take Your Love of Coffee to the Next Level

So you think you love coffee? We bet you do. But if you’re still just ordering the same sort of coffee every day at your local chain shop, you have a long way to go before you can truly call yourself a coffee buff. There’s so much more that you can do: from learning about coffee to making the perfect cup yourself, here are some great ways to take your passion for coffee to the next level.

Strike up a conversation with your barista

No; we’re not saying that you should try to talk your barista’s ear off the next time that you’re at the coffee shop. We mean that you should listen to them talk — about coffee. Your barista has a fair bit of training and experience with coffee, and if the line isn’t too long, they might find the time to share something interesting: the details about how more complex drinks are made, for instance, or a tip or trick that will help you get better coffee at home.

And speaking of making better coffee at home…

Brew your own coffee — and brew it better

Coffee shops can have great coffee (well, sometimes — the chain store stuff tends not to do much for the discerning coffee snobs). But you’ll learn more about coffee — and get a brew that is more tailored to your specific tastes — if you brew your own coffee at home.

You can start with a simple coffee machine, but don’t stop there. If you really want to get into coffee, you should learn how to use other methods to make it. Get an espresso machine, make pour-over coffee, use a French press: you can do it all! There are even ways to cold brew coffee at home.

You’ll be able to experiment with different types and strengths of coffee, and you’ll really come to understand the process of making the perfect cup. The best part? Brewing your own coffee is much, much cheaper than buying it at the coffee shop!

Take a coffee class

You used to take a coffee to class so that you could pay attention. What if we told you that there were classes on coffee — ones that you can take as an adult?

Yep, it’s true. There are tons of coffee classes in major cities, ranging from single-night how-to courses at local coffee shops to full-on university courses that you may be able to audit. You could learn how to make a great cup of coffee, or you could dive head-first into an in-depth examination of the history, geography, and politics of coffee.

Of course, self-study is always an option, too. There are tons of great books on coffee out there. Just choose the one that focuses on the aspects of coffee that you are most interested in learning more about!

Join a coffee subscription club

You can find great coffee beans in specialty shops. But tracking down new stuff and new ways of brewing can be a little tiring. So why not join a coffee subscription club to help you stick to your coffee goals?

You can use a coffee subscription to get your favorite brand of coffee delivered regularly, so you never run out, or you can use one to try a wide variety of great coffees curated by the experts who do this stuff for a living.

Joining a coffee club is a great and affordable way to keep the coffee coming and still have time to make it and experiment with it,