Vastu for a Successful and Healthy Life Provided by Pallavi Chhelavda

Most individuals take up diverse ways to ensure a successful and healthy life but these days, Vastu has materialized as a wonderful way to bring delight in your home. Vastu Shastra also acknowledged as ‘Science of Construction’ is a customary Hindu system of structure based on directional configurations. Vastu for Home centers on the decoration of home with idols, paintings and particularly the main door attraction.

Usually, people believe that east facing or north facing plots are good while south facing flats are not good in terms of future and happiness. This is the reason individuals used to pay additional money for these flats or plots. But, this is completely a misapprehension. According to Home Vastu, these flats should not be avoided as they are not bad. According to Hindu mythology, south is the direction for Yama (God of death) and north is the direction of Lord Kuber (God of Wealth). Pallavi Chhelavda permits clients to gain from her proficiency, providing affordable rates so that all interested in Vastu living can profit from it.

Pallavi Chhelavda

Vastu for Home underpins the fact that all directions have approximately same effects provided that the inner layout of the flat or plot is designed as per Vastu principles. Vastu prefers East and North direction because designing the blueprint or the flat becomes easier if the plot is in these directions. For instance, Vastu home says bedrooms should be in West or South directions. The south facing plot of flat will generate matters in the designing of bedrooms.

The most significant thing that needs to be regarded here is the design of the inner draft than the directions in which the flat or plot is facing. A suitably designed flat facing South direction will produce good results rather than unacceptably designed plot or flat in East or North direction.

The Vastu Shastra is fundamentally the Hindu architectural system. It is the discipline that guides individuals about how to construct forts, houses, and temples. This discipline has been in use since time immemorial. It is alleged that the design built as per this science brings better fortunes for the habitants. There is principally the pseudo-science.

As per the principle of this science, it is supposed that the house having east face is considered as auspicious. The rationale behind this is that the sun rays directly come to the house which aid in killing insects and fungi. These rays assist in removing bacteria, therefore making the house, a better living place. This is definitely the most general principle of this ancient science which is also accepted by the science.

This philosophy also recommends that the energy flow plays a vital role in influencing the fortunes of a person. It is supposed that smooth flow of energy inside the building helps in providing better fortunes. So, it is always suggested to follow the guiding principles of Vastu Shastra given by Pallavi Chhelavda to make your dwelling place well-to-do.

At present, a large number of property holders take the help of Vastu consultants so as to guarantee best results in terms of bliss and future for their family.