Things Not to Do on Valentine’s Day

February 14th is the most romantic day on planet earth. It is the day cupid reigns all over, a day hallmark cashes in emotions. For certain individuals, this day is as normal as any other day. Whether you are excited, indifferent or upset, there are certain things you are not expected to do on this special day.

Valentine’s Day

Going on a first date

First dates are not always easy, so it is not a good idea to go on a date on this day because there is a lot of pressure and expectations from either party. So, there is a higher probability you will spend the entire evening with unexpected expectations, hoping your date is the right one, only to end up wishing you spent the night in your bedroom. Valentine Day is not a day to take risk on first a date. You should probably do that another day.


There is nothing as irritating as hearing a person complaining the entire day, especially on their heartache, lack of prospects or ticking biological clock.  Have some dignity. This is not a day to look serious, so, a few jokes here and there will ease up the mood.  Negativity usually begets negativity and you will end up feeling a loner at the end of the day.

Calling your ex

You should not call your ex on Valentine’s Day, that’s the worst mistake you could ever make. However, on such a day, it may many thoughts may run in your mind, especially to the last person you were grooving with, but there is a reason you broke up, and cupid can’t really do much about that. Therefore, you should make sure that you avoid the Valentine’s Day emotional hangover. You should also avoiding connecting to the past.

Indulging in MTV spring break

You surely don’t want to waste your day away drinking and losing yourself. Although it sounds fun and appears perfectly okay to dress to kill and go out with your girlfriends or pals on this day, you should try as much as possible not to channel your ‘’senior spring break. Just know that this is only a one day on the calendar. So, taking 20 shots of tequila won’t change anything.

Taking yourself for granted

This is very serious. You should never look down upon yourself. You should strive to get the perspective on life in the middle of all the candy, flower and romance mayhem. Your relationship status should not determine detect your value as a human being.

Being alone

Instead of being alone, why don’t you hang out with the people close to you? Those who truly love you. You can as well send valentines day gifts to Ernakulam, and spread some love there, to the people you care for, such as your mother, sister, brother or father. You can gather with your family or friends and go over dinner. All in all, you should make sure you are not alone on Valentine’s Day.

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