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The Extraction of Chocolate Diamonds®

“Chocolate” is the term used by LeVian Jewelers to describe brown diamonds. For many years brown color in diamonds were considered to be of lower quality than colorless ones. This is why they were sold at 30% less than their counterparts. There were not many takers for these colored jewels, and so a marketing push was required. In 2000, LeVian trademarked the Chocolate Diamond® name and the world began to know more about where these stones are mined from.

In reality there are more poor quality colored diamonds than high quality ones. This exponential disparity is what has made Chocolate Diamond® jewels so rare and significant. They make up a tiny percentage of high quality brown diamonds that are used in jewelry items. So why are these jewels so different from other brown diamonds? It mostly depends on their extraction.

Extraction of Chocolate Diamonds

Natural Jewels

All diamond mining leads to an abundant range of colors and clarity in the extracted stones. But only the highest quality natural fancy color brown diamonds can become Chocolate Diamonds®. The top 5% of diamonds extracted meet LeVian’s existing standard and fall within the C4-C7 color range, SI or higher clarity. With these conditions and the company’s responsible sourcing policies, a range of fine jewelry is being made, aimed to bring a new trend to the diamond and jewelry industry.

Where Chocolate Diamonds® are Found

The diamonds are commonly found in the Argyle mine in Australia. The mine gives an output of 35 million carats of diamonds annually. Around 80% of these extractions are brown diamonds. The vast majority of diamond mining in the area is also brown. While these jewels were considered to have no worth until the 1980s, today they are one of the most popular colored diamonds in the world.

Chocolate Diamond® mining was initially done for industrial application only. The diamonds did not even have their own list in the diamond chart, which meant that their value back then was close to nothing. Today true chocolate browns are considered to be beautiful jewelry pieces, particularly with contrasting colors and designs. Due to LeVian’s successful marketing strategy, when you go to buy an actual Chocolate Diamond® stone you will have to check your bank balance.

Are these Extractions Ethical?

With diamond mining, consumers may have an issue with the ethical nature of Chocolate Diamond® mining. With other kinds of diamond mining, the tools and processes used are different in regards to labor conditions. Chocolate Diamond® s, on the other hand, are ethically mined. There is no exploitation of labor or dangerous conditions posed for miners.

Jewelers offer these “conflict free” diamonds to consumers who are especially concerned with where their jewelry comes from. This leaves out all kinds of diamond extraction methods that support degradation, poverty and human rights violations. LeVian’s chocolate jewels are thus carefully selected for their ethical and environmentally responsible origins.


Consumers can thus make better purchasing decisions with these diamonds. With high quality extraction methods and specifications of these jewels, consumers can definitely give in to the brown diamond trend.