The Consequences of Parking Violations

Driving is fun for a lot of people. They don’t have to wait for buses or trains, they save money on unplanned commutes and carpooling is a fun way to travel around. Parking is a whole other story since every driver has complained about the issues that come along with it. If there is a major offence committed you could face serious charges. Thus, unauthorized parking should be avoided. Besides being a financial burden, this could go on your driving record and registration documents.

Parking violations can range from getting your car towed to receiving a parking ticket. The effect of these regulatory breaches is dire in some cases, not only for the driver but also the owner of the vehicle in question. The following are some consequences of parking violations.

Traffic Tickets

The risk of having a lot of traffic tickets does not just hurt your credit score, they also pile up one after the other. If you are someone who does not pay their tickets on time and is reckless at driving then this can be a huge problem you face. Your record is tainted and your vehicle may be taken away. If, however, you think the ticket was unfairly given to you then you can present your case in front of a judge who may lift the charges.

 Permanently Recorded

Traffic violations go on your permanent record and can have some dreadful penalties. If you have a couple of parking tickets then there is no need to worry, but an accumulation of offences is a problem. If you commit a bigger traffic crime, such as going over the speed limit and being disorderly on the road, your permanent record will showcase this.

Problems with the DMV

The DMV notices any disruption with your driving record and may attribute a number of violations to your license. If you license has enough points for liability, due to a considerable parking citation, then it may be suspended. Furthermore, if your behavior stays the same your vehicle registration can be revoked indefinitely.

Increase in Insurance Rate

The more tickets and violations you have, the more money you’ll have to give to insurance companies. When addressing a particular case the insurance agencies are looking to invest in drivers. If you seem to be a risky investment they will charge you extra to mitigate any upcoming losses and charges.

Financial Stress

All of this adds to financial stress and burden when driving. You will not be able to pay off all of your tickets or reduce all offences in a court. With the already disparaging economy, the burden this will cause can have negative consequences on your peace of mind.

Avoiding Parking Violations

If you take caution and park the right way you can easily avoid any parking violations. Paying attention to ‘No Parking’ signs in your area is a good step to take, followed by obeying any restrictions you are aware of. Make sure your car is registered and that you have your driving license on you at all times. Further, if you have any unpaid ticket pay them off immediately to reduce future trouble with authorities.