Sam Zherka- the Great Humanitarian Showing Path to the Entire World

Considering the current scenario, Humanitarianism is the most important of all ‘ism’ that are being cultured in the present day society. Now in gaining the prominence, it had to fight with many more isms in the society- like consumerism, communism, corporatism and much more. Now behind the rise of humanitarianism, there have been some significant changes in the society as well. Communism found its collapse, neo-liberalism has been completely discarded and has not been accepted in any sense, and consumerism couldn’t stand its position at all in the personal battle.

However, Sam Zherka, an active humanitarian in true sense believes that there need to be some changes brought in perception as well. Whenever the term humanitarianism is being spoken of, there are certain strong connections with philanthropy that is being built up where the act of benevolence plays the serious role. But there needs to be a puzzle solved for it.

Sam Zherka

While finding someone in distress, it is the responsibility of a human being to come and stand by him, serve him while he’s in need and make him stand at par with the rest. While one does that, the act is being treated as something benevolent which is not natural at all. Rather than being an act of benevolence, this is an act of justice to be precise about. Coinage of words like philanthropy and charity has been strongly associated with voluntary acts, which is definitely not duty.

On the contrary, international humanitarianism is not something anywhere close to duty or responsibility. There might be a decent combination of both, but not anyone strictly. Rather, Sam Zherka believes that people engage into philanthropy or charity giving, only when there’s lack of humanitarians in the society. There are even some government aid that comes and smoothes out the process, but such a coercive accumulation of resource would not be needed if humanitarianism is practiced in the true sense.

Both the government and the individual citizens are free to donate, but there is a sense of pitying that comes while doing charity. Mankind has been sent in this world has a social being, and there is no discrimination done at the genesis. When one pities another, the entire concept of mutual existence fails. There has been international intervention to carry forward the humanitarian activities, and it is indeed a sense of disgrace that there has to be an external forum built to promote something that must come naturally.

Thousands of destitute lose their life either due to some natural calamities or some unforeseen instances of terrorism. While natural calamities cannot be controlled, terrorism sure can be. Humanitarianism doesn’t mean coming up and helping those who have been affected, it can also mean to stop the reasons that cause such distress. Life is one, but how worthy that life can be made depends completely on how it is being treated. Instead of forceful intervention, it is the satisfactory participation that will make the difference in the days to come.