Painless Colonoscopy In Singapore

Sounds great right? Yes, it is as great as it sounds. Colon problem is something that pains you a lot but has no soon relief. So, today I will take you for an online visit to a very popular clinic in Singapore which can give you an awesome colon relief within a short time. There are many people who have underwent the colonoscopy in Singapore. The colonoscopy surgery had been proved to be the best in this clinic.


This surgery group hails from Singapore who has many clinics providing one of the top level surgeries related to colonoscopy. The surgeries are carried out by much dedicated professional doctors with their practiced hands. The doctors believe in a true motto that patients are their Gods who must be treated with great care. You can avail to any of the problems to which you need a surgical response. You can book an appointment by calling to +65-6570-2608. The clinic is located at 10-43/44 38 Irrawaddy Road, Singapore, 329563. The clinic is open all the days except on Sunday. You can avail to book an appointment from 9am to 5pm on Mondays to Friday while from 9am to 1pm on Saturday. You may also simply log on to the official website The surgeries related to colon start from $1000. The price rates may vary depending upon the condition of the colon.

Painless Colonoscopy In Singapore


The clinics are very well equipped and specialized with Multidisciplinary comprehensive care programs. Some of the special surgeries that you can go for are-

Gut, liver, Laparoscopic surgery by specialized surgeons.

Urology and Advanced Laparoscopic surgery.

Weight loss and metabolic surgeries resulting from obesity.

The surgeries are carried out at different centers that are sector depending on the type of the surgery they have to deal with.

Pan Asia trauma service is the center that helps in giving you treatments regarding any trauma

Pan Asia colorectal and piles clinic helps you in getting surgeries related to colon as well as anus.

Pan Asia breast clinic helps you in getting surgeries related to breast augmentation as well as liposuction.

Pan Asia hernia clinic helps in removal of a hernia.

Pan Asia vein and vascular clinic help you to get treatments regarding vein problems.

Pan Asia thyroid clinic helps you in curing Thyroid with special sittings.

Pan Asia pain management center gives you therapeutic treatments regarding any of the portions of your body that is facing intense pain.


Colonoscopy is the examination done by sending a CCD camera or a fiber optic camera to record the conditions of your stomach or your colon. The technique used in this process is a biopsy. By the use of colonoscopy, doctors can remove polyps of about one-millimeter length. So today I shall suggest you go for colonoscopy in Singapore that is devoid of any form of complication.

The technique that is used in the surgery is a simple insertion of a long, flexible tube through the rectum into the colon. This helps in studying the interior features and the projector displays them on screen. The technique used helps in biopsies, removal of polyps. This examination is done in a very skilled manner. After the surgery gets completed, there is a dosage of medicines to reduce the pain and improve the health conditions. One of the best methods that can be used in colonoscopy is the shortening of the colon by the removal of the loops. This is a very comfortable one for the patient.


An estimate says that about 2 to 9% of the people die from the tumors that develop in the colon region. So, the polyps must be removed before the cells and the tissues become cancerous. So, it is best to get the colon shortened to avoid further infection.


The most important feature of the clinic is that minimal of surgeries are used; they are so mechanized that will not cause any pain. The anesthesia’s that are used in the processes are medically tested. You can also go for curing some of the most dreadful diseases like the Oesophageal cancer, gastric cancer, and liver cancer. The surgeries are done by renowned doctors like Dr. Melvin Look(General Surgeon), Dr. Sam PehOonHui(Urologist), Dr. Denis Cheong(general surgeon), Miss Liow Min Choo(dietician and nutritionist).


The surgeries that are followed in this renowned clinic are so superior in comparison to some others that you will surely appreciate it after you see the results. Many people have undergone the colonoscopy surgery in Singapore and have got many positive results. There is no point in continuing to suffer from intense pains in your body. The internal organs of our body are very delicate. If they are left unchecked, they may increase complications. I wish you to get the best results from the hands of the specialized doctors of Pan Asia clinic.