Hyundai Tucson – All What You Want

Hyundai is the South-Korean automaker for years and design the SUV so as to create a bridge between Creta and Santa Fe. One such model is Houston Hyundai Tucson that is compact in structure and become a very popular car among the customers.

Hyundai has launched the 30 Special Editions on the eve of their 30 years of Australian operation. Thus, it has become the bestselling car of the market. The reasons behind the popularity are:

Hyundai Tucson

  • To be very true, it is regarded as an accomplished drive means quiet, confident and smooth in spite of its inevitable SUV weight.
  • The good handling and shows the all-wheel-drive inspiring sportier driving. Moreover, there is a little under steer.
  • The car shows stylish good suspension and has very comfortable back sets. Also the interiors are very dynamics and eye catching.
  • The boot has the capacity of 488-litres and can extend up to 1478-litres with rear seats folded.
  • There are two ISOFIX anchor points, which are added for increasing the practicality. It is also engrossed with the door bins having deep depth.
  • It is popular for its 1.6-litre turbo petrol engine.
  • In actual the car comprises of 9kW that is more than Active X but 62Nm.
  • The car is available with the five year unlimited kilometer warranty. Also, it has the fixed lifetime service plan a great deal to crack on.
  • Yu can find the colour-coded side mouldings and bumpers.
  • The luxury design is the result of stainless steel embossed door entry guards.
  • Shows high-speed stability and highly-optimized body structure.
  • The structure is very strong as it has about 51% of the advanced high strength steel.
  • The car is well acknowledged for the smarter exterior, all-wheel-drive and powerful engine. It is designed with perfection and show the elegant appearance.
  • If we see the interior, it is featured with the horizontal dashboard and premium leather seats.
  • Houston Hyundai Tucson is great for its safety features. It comprises of 6 bags that provide defense against any kind of injury and provide the protection to both driver and passengers. Also, the car has the dual projector, headlamps and LED tail lamps that gives the ultra-modern look.
  • The engine has the start / stop button along with the smart key. Therefore, the driving allows easy driving experience. The puddle lamp illuminates on the ground around your car’s door for navigating at the dark conditions.
  • Moreover, the car is engrossed with the optimum airflow and easy to adjust rear air vents. This definitely adds the comfort to the passengers. This car makes it the best sport car
  • There is a flex steering, which allows driver to easily switch among three steering modes. The switching depends on different road conditions and driver preferences.
  • Also, Houston Hyundai Tucson has the wedge-shaped LED daytime running lights (DRL) known for providing a high-tech and fog lamps to increase the safety level.