How To Use Iphone Location Tracking?

How To Use Iphone Location Tracking?Apple Inc. has created a line of smartphones which are called the iPhones. The Apple Company has created, introduced and marketed many generations of iPhones in the last decade or so which makes it the highest selling smartphone in the USA. People using the smartphones like the iPhones shell out a lot of hard earned money to buy this IOS device and are majorly dependant on their device for their day to day business as well as personal communication. This also states that a smartphone of a person has more information about its owner as compared to the owners near and dear ones. And why not, in today’s day and age, people do not trust each other but such electronic gadgets as it is very common for people to thug other people.

But this is not possible in the case of electronic devices as they cannot forward or share personal information of its user on its own unless it is lost or stolen and falls in the wrong hands. So what will a [person possessing an iPhone do when he or she realizes that their valuable iPhone is not in their possession? I will tell you what.

There are two options to retrieve back your lost or possibly stolen iPhone:

Iphone Location Tracking

  1. Using iPhone GPS tracker apps to track iPhone location


  1. With the help of iCloud

Let us look at both the options:

  1. Using iPhone GPS tracker apps to track iPhone location

There are many apps available in the market to track iPhone location such as the mSpy app. The iPhone device does not need to be jailbroken for download and installation of this app on the target device as this app is available in the Apple store. The features of this iPhone GPS tracker app are:

  • GPS location tracking: whether you have lost your device or searching for the location of your loved ones on the map, this app sends accurate position of the target device by using the built in GPs of the iPhone.
  • Geofencing: this feature enables the user of this app to geofence an area on the map which when crossed by the target device, this app sends instant intimation to the user about the same.
  • Tracking call and sms logs: the incoming and outgoing calls and sms are accessed and monitored
  • Access to the browsing history of the target device
  • And many more. To know more please access the site
  1. With the help of iCloud:

As Google is to android phones, iCloud is to iPhones. To retrieve a lost or stolen device one must be aware of the iCloud ID and password of the iCloud account that is in sync with the lost device. Following is the process of getting back your iPhone with the help of iCloud:

  • Access the iCloud from another IOS device with the Apple ID and password of the lost phone. On the home page of iCloud the user will can see the ‘Find my iPhone’ option. Click on that.
  • When you enter the ‘find my phone’ option you will have to specify the device you want to find. For that you will have to choose and select from the options provided to you by iCloud.
  • The iCloud map instantly shows the accurate position of the lost iPhone. in case of a low or no battery in the lost device, iCloud will display the last seen position of the device.
  • There are other option that the owner of the lost iPhone device can select to be done with the device like making the device ring, locking the device, erasing the memory of the phone etc.