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How To Get Sensual Lips Without Surgery

Meta-descp: Getting plump and sensual lips without surgery is quick, simple and safe with lip fillers London treatment. Don’t be afraid to take it from professional cosmetic injector!

Lip fillers have been around town for a while and I’m sure a lot of you are curious about this new term that has emerged over the past years. This aesthetic procedure has risen to be one of the most popular term to be looked online by the people of UK. We are here to fulfil your curiosity so you know what this non-invasive surgery is all about and what you can expect from lip fillers London.

Sensual Lips Without Surgery

Lip fillers aren’t notorious!

People usually base their opinions about aesthetic treatments on the results they see in the celebrities. But it is important to know the back story before considering any beauty procedure as notorious. Lip fillers also initially adopted a bad reputation when a couple of celebrities had gotten plastic surgery done and signed up to be the poster girls of lip fillers gone bad. Now, permanent lip fillers are a thing of the past and the cosmetic aestheticians encourage temporary treatment that can be renewed if it suits you and removed if not, respectively.

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Also, celebrities indulging in getting work done are considered vain and insecure which is a very ignorant judgement. Anyone can choose to get fillers injected here and there and still be a feminist and confident of their body. It is high time that we stop shaming young and old, men and women alike for opting aesthetic treatments.

Having said this, let us move onto the crux of this article and dishing out all the best details about lip fillers that you have been curious to know:

What are lip fillers?

Modern lips fillers that are conventionally used nowadays are composed of Hyaluronic Acid which is a substance naturally found in our body. It is a very useful beauty ingredient because it is capable of holding water up to 1000 times its own weight. This is the reason it is the mostly popularly used filler for aesthetic treatments.

Since it is a naturally occurring product, our body easily accepts it upon being injected in the body part one wants to enlarge, plump and treat wrinkles. It is far from permanent; our body breaks it down over a period of time.

How safe are lip fillers?

The Hyaluronic fillers compared to silicone ones are very safe. The most important aspect of it is that the results can be easily and effectively reversed by a second injection. This comes in very handy when someone is not satisfied with their results, they won’t have to suffer in silence as is the case with silicone fillers.

How to avoid bad encounters of lip filler treatment:

These tips will help you with the filtering process and completely eliminate the chances of lip fillers gone wrong:

1.    Bravely ask about your practitioner’s qualifications

Since in UK everyone is legally allowed to administer an injection, it is important that the patients are cautious about the injectors without the right training.

2.    Use the previous reviews and testimonials as guidelines

Previous clients’ experiences are a great way to determine the credibility of one’s aesthetic practice. If one’s work consists of high success rates and happy reviews then your chances of getting bad treatment falls very low.

3.    Enquire about the products that are to be used

It is very important that you know what is being injected into your body. Do your research into the best lip fillers so you can discuss what you want with your practitioner.

4.    Check their aftercare policy

Aftercare policies ensure that there are no issues and that you are happy with the results. Credible aesthetic practitioners offer it as patient care service and is a good indicator of checking their quality standard.

Is there pain involved?

The treatment is not painful at all, as unrealistic that sounds.  The discomfort level depends on the doctor’s technique and may vary likewise. But generally, clients have reported the discomfort to be no more than the level you feel while getting your eyebrows threaded. That is a pretty good threshold, right?

From where should you get your lip filler treatment?

The best recommendation ca be provided to you by people who have gotten their lip fillers done and were satisfied with their experience. The other option is to fire up your search engine and read testimonials of the reputable clinics offering lip fillers London in your area. Check the before and after pictures they have posted of their clients. You can also get a list of registered practitioners in your area on the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) website.

What happens during consultation for lips fillers?

It is recommended that you take up the consultation session prior to the appointment. Consultations hold a very high importance in the field of aesthetic treatments. It is very important to have a one on one meeting with your practitioner so they can resolve all your queries and subside your fears produced by misinformation.It allows your choice of practitioner to talk to you face to face and understand the kind of treatment you are looking for. You can also discuss your medical history with them.

This will also be an opportunity for you to look around and see if you get a clinical feel from the place. Also, if it is clean and everything is stored where it should be can be great pointers.Initial consultation is very important.

What do lip fillers feel like?

The lip fillers do not feel uncomfortable but only weird as the product travels under the skin. The lips are massaged after injecting the fillers to evenly distribute it and avoid any formation of lumps.

What is the result like and how does it feel?

The results are visible right away that is followed by swelling but not for long. The swelling subsides from 12 to 48 hours and even quicker by using an ice pack. The fuller, plumper look of lips is very joyful because its subtlety doesn’t make it look fake at all.

It’s just a tweak that makes your overall profile look refreshing and is highly recommended by people who have gotten it done.