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Get Treated For Drug Addiction

The Miramar Rehab Centre offers a drug rehabilitation program at its centre in California. The plan is unique in the fact as it seeks to uncover the root cause of the drug addiction in a patient. Unlike other centres, where they only manage the medication and deaddiction is temporary, at Miramar the medical and clinical experts have designed a special plan. This plan is called the Los Angeles drug treatment plan.

This plan was created on the hypothesis that there are psychological causes to drug addiction. They believe that drug addiction comes from escapism. Those who suffer from deep trauma usually choose to take drugs to do away with the pain. The drug produces a temporary sense of euphoria. These euphoric feelings let the addict escape from his own reality of painful experiences around him. He chooses to produce these euphoric feelings over and over again. To do some, he keeps taking higher doses of drugs and increases the frequency of dosage. This damages his brain functions and ruins his powers of cognition. The Los Angeles drug treatment plan seeks to redress this issue by uncovering the reason for the patient’s pain. Then they give him therapy to resolve the issue which created the feelings of unbearable pain. There are other patients who suffer from deep psychological disorders such as bipolar disease, clinical depression and other such problems. They need more extensive therapy.

Drug Addiction

To deal with these kind of issues, our doctors came up with an evolving drug treatment plan. That is while they have an overall framework worked out in four phases, they assign an individual case manager. This case manager’s sole task is to supervise treatment and decide on modification or discontinuation and discharge. This ensures that each treatment is specific for the patient. The patient’s individual issues are addresses and resolved. This helps the patient to quit drugs completely. Instead of a temporary phase.

The four phases of deaddiction treatment at our centre are

  1. Detox – This phase sees the patient relax and unwind. Patient is given medication to sleep, which kills his desire to take drugs. Light activity is encouraged during the awake phase.
  2. Individual Therapy Sessions – At this stage the patient is given deep one on one therapy. We probe to find out the deeper issues underlying drug addiction.
  3. At this stage, the patient sits for two to three therapy session through the day. The patient is also educated about drugs and their effects.
  4. The next phase sees the patient go through some family therapy. The patient is encouraged to interact with loved ones over the phone or in-person.
  5. We also use alternative therapy sessions like acupuncture, yoga, massage, and meditation among others.
  6. We encourage the patient to participate in light sporting activity like biking, hiking, gym sessions, sailing. Patient is also asked to take art classes, practice or develop a hobby.

Finally the case manager will evaluate the treatment and decide on whether the patient is ready for discharge from the centre.