Get An Expensive Yacht For Water Adventures

Many yacht or boat riders dream of water adventures or water sports. Luxurious yachts provide them an opportunity to pursue their interest in water sports and do many adventures in water. Yachts are made with different categories and features as well. Here are some luxurious yachts mentioned below for the riders who wish to buy for water adventures-

Prestige motor yachts

Luxury prestige motor yachts were designed around 20 years ago. Prestige yachts are now recognised internationally. These yachts are available on the 4 continents by a network of trained and specialised dealers.

The success of prestige yachts is created on the simple concepts such as 360° panoramic views, living spaces one level and an independent owners suite. People who are looking for the expensive and luxury boat that is dependable, comfortable and advanced. The series of prestige can give you various options.

Asian yachting presents the range of prestige yachts i.e. 42 feet and above. The prestige collection includes, prestige 420S, prestige 450S, prestige 500S and prestige 560S.

Expensive Yacht For Water Adventures

Monte Carlo Yachts

Monte Carlo Yachts is an originating project in the world of yachting that shatter the new ground.

Monte Carlo Yachts is an outcome of integrating the good in Italian designers in the world of yachting; lenard design studio and nuvolari studio. MCY has made many awards: won awards within the series which has been internationally recognised for their performance and iconic style both.

Asia yachting presents the collection of Monte Carlo Yachts which includes- MCY 65, MCY 70, MCY 76, MCY 80, MCY 86 and MCY 96.


Scarab is a next line of jet yachts with extra space than long established PWCs. These fun jet boats are designed with the eye popping Rotax jet engines that provide intoxicating rides and gives the wild and wet feeling which traditional yachts cannot offer.

Asia yachting presents the series of Scarab which includes- Scarab 255 platinum, Scarab 215, Scarab 215 HO, Scarab 215 HO impulse, Scarab 195 HO, Scarab 195, Scarab 195 HO impulse, Scarab 165, Scarab 165 HO, Scarab 165 HO impulse. The ranges of Scarab yachts starts from 16 and ends at 25 with jet engines from 150hp single to 200hp double.

Super air nautique yachts

Super air nautique yachts was established in 1925. They have earned the liveliness by launching ski sport yachts and wake sport yachts for sale. These super yachts are pairing with the most popular and reputed customer service.

These are purpose-built ships with their ballast systems and shaped hull can shelter riders for water skiing, wake surfing and wakeboarding. Nautique boats provides an opportunity to the whole family and big friends group to showcase their interest in water sport.

Asia yachting presents the nautique series which is ranging from 20 feet to 25 feet. The super air nautique yachts series include- nautique GS22, nautique GS20, nautique G25, nautique G23, nautique G21, nautique 210, nautique 230.

All these luxury boats with different styles and ranges are offered in Hong Kong to the riders. Buy luxury yachts in Hong Kong and enjoy water sports with family and friends.

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