Five Important Aspects of bouncing a Cheque in the UAE

When the account holders don’t have sufficient balance in their accounts, the cheques they give gets bounced. In such situations, so many problems arise. Here we have listed some of the problems people face when the cheques get bounced;

What if you were in such a situation?

What if you give someone a cheque and it gets bounced? What will you do? what will be your reaction/ you will indeed be in so much anger. This is because the payment you were going to get by that cheque will not come to you because it has got bounced. So, in such a situation, you must hire the criminal lawyers in Dubai. This is because the payment you were going to get was your right and nobody should be allowed to take away your rights.

If you do not take step for your sake, nobody else would care about you at all. You must stand up for yourself or else you will not get your due payments and people will keep on betraying you.

Aspects of bouncing a Cheque in the UAE

Are cheque cases punishable by the jail?

There are different situations and in different situations, the court takes different decisions. For example; if the cheque is less than Dh200,000, no jail will be granted but the fine will be paid by the person. The fine will vary and it will depend upon the value of the cheque.

You must be thinking that court will take so much of time in giving any order for such problems. No, the orders will be granted really soon for such sort of problems.

Can your company get seized?

If the person who has complained you requests the court to seize the bank account of your company, it can surely get seized.

What else can happen to you? not just your bank account can get seized but also a travel ban can also be ordered.

When will this stop? It will stop as soon as you pay back the money and the court gives its final decision. So, if you want to be saved from such situations, you must never give cheques that will get bounced.

 Is a drawer liable for the validity of the cheque even if he leaves the company?

Yes, he is. No matter if the drawer leaves the company or not, he will be liable for the cheque in all conditions.

Fulfil all the conditions

If the cheque came up with some conditions, all of them are to be fulfilled. if someone doesn’t fulfil all those conditions, the cheque will remain on its due date.

If an international company who gave you a cheque and it kept on bouncing, you must take the help of international law firms in Dubai. This is because they will help you in getting good criminal lawyers who will help you with your cheque bouncing problems. All the people must make sure that they pay the drawers properly. Bounced cheques can have a bad impact on the reputation of the company.