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Different Types of Toaster Ovens

Back in the day, it was so much easier to choose appliances. Features between brands and models did not vary as much. Today, though, you will be hard pressed to find top rated toaster ovens that have just the basic features to get you through. HomeAddons fills you in on the basic types you’ll find on the market today.

Standard toaster ovens

These are just slightly more versatile and bigger than pop-up toasters. They’re perfect for browning two to four slices of bread and are able to heat up leftovers quickly. These sell at a pretty low price, depending on their make and features. Digital ones with intuitive functions are, of course, pricier than their manual counterparts.

Toaster Ovens

Convection toaster ovens

Are you interested in getting the best toaster oven which also allows you to roast meat and cook small meals? These are the big boys in the team. HomeAddOns has a fair share of convection toaster ovens which do much more than just toast your bread. They allow you to cook pork, beef, seafood and chicken as you would in your full-size gas range. Depending on your needs, some say they are even better than full sized ovens because they heat up quicker and consume less energy.

The controls of these ovens also vary. If you buy a dial type, you’re most likely to spend less money. Most of these basic models, however, are very old school. This means they do not have the intuitive features that the digital models have.

If you have enough knowledge about cooking and baking, however, you can go a long way with basic models. They’re just not the types that will promise perfect dishes without being watched.

Smart toaster ovens

Do you want convection toaster ovens with a kick? There are smart toaster ovens available now. They are tagged smart because they have intuitive features. These intuitive features can range from basic time and heat presets to ultra-smart ones which allow the machine to adjust the heat or stop the cooking process even without your prompt. There are also smart toaster ovens which have sensors and cameras. The sensors keep track of the temperature while the camera can allow you to watch how your food cooks from your mobile phone.

HomeAddOns warns, though, that the smarter your appliance is, the pricier it usually gets. Cheaper brands can offer the same features for a lower price but you also need to think about certain things like the product’s lifespan, the brand’s after-sales services and so on.

Are you in it for the fad?

The trend now is to go with smart appliances as much as possible. Top-of-the-line models always make it to the top rated toaster ovens list. This does not mean that they are the best options for you. Try to assess your needs before buying anything. Do you really need the smart functions you are paying for? If not, you can save plenty of cash sticking to more basic toaster oven models.

HomeAddons is your little corner of the internet if you want to know the different types of toaster ovens. Let the experts help you choose what to buy for your kitchen.