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Are You Planning to Buy Split Air Conditioner?

In India, almost the entire year you will need to use the air conditioner and therefore it is necessary that you must install an efficient cooling system at your home as well as office. Split air conditioners can certainly keep your room cool in efficient manner and if you have chosen right power saving model can also save your electricity bill considerably.

While buying any split AC you must know about the following points.

Planning to Buy Split Air Conditioner

  • Weather resistant outdoor unit

The outdoor unit of the LG or any other split AC are generally installed outside which can withstand any kind of harsh weather condition. Therefore, you need not bother about covering it during rainy or any other adverse seasons. As a matter of fact, you will obstruct its function by covering it.

  • Aluminium or Copper condenser coil

Sometimes sales people may confuse you with their crazy explanation when you question about the material for condenser coil, while buying any AC from showroom. However, it is always better to prefer for copper coil instead of aluminium though aluminium coils may be little cheaper.

In future when you have to repair your AC in case the aluminium coil starts leaking, then you will face problem. Copper tubes are always superior in strength, easy to maintain, reliable and with better heat transfer features. In the longer run, you will face lesser problems with copper tubes.

  • Star ratings

When you go to buy AC from any of the showroom then you will find that they are rated with different stars. Higher star rating is supposed to save your electricity bill more and at the same time you have to pay higher price too. If you look at the cost of AC versus cost saving that is claimed, you will able to recover the additional cost may be after 6 to 7 years.

There are inverter models also available that may reduce your electricity bill but its price may be double. Therefore, decide prudently which star rating will be appropriate for you.

  • Installation cost

If you buy any window air conditioner then it is much easier to install if your window dimension is appropriate. However, in case of split AC you need to take services of a HVAC professional, as the AC unit will be installed inside the room while the exhaust (outdoor unit) has to be installed outside of the room. There will be piping between the two for which you need to drill hole on your wall so that wire harness can pass through that. Therefore, you must keep installation cost also in your mind while buying split AC.

  • Replace the whole unit if any component fails

In the longer run if your AC unit fails to work due to failure of any major component then you will have to replace the whole unit. Therefore, you must discuss about the warranty so that you can save some money in case any of your AC fails to work.

Nowadays you can also buy AC from online too from the eBay or Amazon website who may also offer big discount.