Advantages Of Online Employment Verification Services

Many organizations outsourcing services that allow to verify employment data such as the historical weekly salary information, employment period, job titles, location information, health care provider and insurance, among other human resources-related information. Such information could become necessary in organization scenarios such as when employees are applying for credit, mortgages, car loans and apartments. Those are part of life today!

These outsourced services are able to track information such as weather someone ever filed for dental insurance and if they ever filed an unemployment claim.

Online employment verification services such as The Work Number is used by more than 50,000 organizations around the world to verify employment data. In addition, such has more than 225 million employment records.

These services provide instant employment and salary verification 24 hours a day.

Online Employment Verification Services

Below are some of the benefits of outsourcing employment verification services online:

  1. Cost savings: Human Resource departments around the world usually spend millions of dollars collecting and managing human resources-related information. This is true especially for departments and organizations that manage a large number of employees, such as universities, and seasonal employers. The human resource department in question bears the actual cost of the verification budget as the employer bears the cost of verification. For instance, using the Worker Number, the requestor of verification purchases either a single verification or a package of multiple verifications from the company.

Using outsourced employment verification firms, organizations can save a lot of money on verifications.

  1. Access control: The employees of a given organization that signs up with the outsourced verification service will receive an account set up on them on the website and they are able to control the access to records. They can do so by logging into the system using their social security number. At the same time, an employee can log in and access a 6-digit code and pass it on to the requestor so that the requestor will not have to view salary of the employee. These services will also advertise and sell some data to third parties such as mortgage, auto and other financial services credit grantors who request pay rate information to a credit report. Debt/collection agencies can also request employment information so as to verify someone’s place of employment.
  2. Instant records: The records are immediately available as soon as the requester gets permission from an applicant to access records and the fee is paid.
  3. Records are objective: In addition to providing factual information only, which some employer feels will reduce risk of liability over subjective content of personal references, the system can also restrict access to information if they feel that a supervisor could share unfavourable information or is unwilling to verify employment. This is because the system offers objective data without performance reviews.
  4. Additional HR records: Using the Work Number, it is possible to get duplicate copies of W-2 forms through the employee’s online portal.
  5. Social services fee waiver: For instance, the Worker Number offers waivers to Federal, State, or County Social Service Departments that are providing benefits such as Food Stamp program or TANF to their low-income/welfare applicants. They also send reports by fax although certain expedited services or advanced services may have fees attached.