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Activities for the Whole Family in Nevada

When you think of Nevada, chances are your mind instantly wanders to Las Vegas, casinos, and all-inclusive resorts. However, it’s no secret that the Vegas strip isn’t exactly the most family-friendly destination in the country. Luckily, Nevada holds so much more excitement and wonder outside of Sin City that makes the state a great travel destination for family members of all ages. Gas up your car, make sure you have your smartphone handy for plenty of pictures and videos, and get ready for an adventure across one of the most beautiful states in America.

Dazzling Theme Parks

If you’re a group of thrillseekers, what better family activity than stopping by one of Nevada’s many exciting theme parks? Whether you enjoy the rush of wind blowing through your hair on a speedy roller coaster or are looking to get soaked at a waterpark, you’re in luck. For the more aquatically inclined, Cowabunga Bay in Henderson, Nevada is an excellent way to splash around and beat the state’s infamous heat. With slides, a kid’s cove, and a relaxing lazy river, everyone in the family is guaranteed to have a good time dipping their toes in the park’s crisp waters.

If you’re itching to swing by Vegas but don’t want to spend too much time on the strip, a great place to take the kids is the Circus Circus Adventuredome. This five-acre park is absolutely jam-packed with exciting rides, dazzling thrills, and nearly endless attractions. If your family is full of daredevils, El Loco is the coaster for them. Full of twists, turns, and stomach-tingling drops, this ride is sure to get you shouting with joy.

The Animal Kingdom

Excited by the prospect of interacting with exciting animals and insects? Nevada is a great place to slow down, relax, and learn more about man’s fellow creatures. One local favorite is the Sierra Safari Zoo in Reno, Nevada. As the largest zoo in the state and the only one in its northern region, the Sierra Safari is a Nevada fixture. Admission is very affordable for travelers on a budget and the zoo occasionally hosts sunset safari excursions that are one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Silver State.

And while you’re in Reno, check out Nevada Bugs and Butterflies—if you’re not too frightened by a few creepy crawlies! This family science center is the perfect spot for curious kids (and adults!) who are excited by nature and the environment. If you’re feeling brave, you’re also able to get up close and personal with a few real-life insects. Don’t forget to take a few pictures with the bugs and make sure you stop by the gift shop so you can grab a souvenir to remember your time at Bugs and Butterflies.

One with Nature

Looking for a quiet family vacation away from the hustle and bustle of city living? Nevada is full of picturesque camping spots, hiking trails, and natural beauty. The state hosts a few RV parks in both Elko and Fernley, Nevada depending on whether you’re more interested in exploring cowboy country or camping out in the northern part of the state. There are also numerous campsites scattered throughout Nevada, from scenic overnights in national parks to cozier digs like the Cottonwood Guest Ranch.

Remember that it’s important to be prepared, especially if you’re opting to camp out in the wilderness. Mobile chargers that can get batteries up to snuff while camping can be found at one of the many AT&T stores in Nevada and are worth the trip. No one wants a drained battery upon arrival at the Great Basin National Park! Besides needing to reach each other or place an emergency call, visitors will also need plenty of battery space to take stunning photos.

A Silver State Excursion

Nevada is a place of nearly unparalleled beauty and majesty. From the warm, colorful sunsets to the bright lights of Las Vegas, you could spend months in the state and not experience all of the wonder it holds. Next time you’re sitting down to plan a family vacation, make sure to keep Nevada at the top of your list. You’ll be glad you made the trip.