3 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthdays are great, but they often come with the typical gift idea confusion. Gift giving causes more stress than it should. Birthdays are supposed to be fun and worry free, but tend to be a bit stressful for those on the hunt for the perfect gift. The best mindset is to think objectively about the nicest thing you could give someone that would make them feel loved. Here are some ideas that you really cannot go wrong with when gift giving.

Something thoughtful

Everyone loves receiving gifts that are thoughtful and can be put to good use. One such example is a personalized canvas print. A personalized canvas print is a great gift idea because it can be put on a wall as a decoration to be enjoyed forever. Gifts like these are thoughtful and full of great intentions. You can make the print a photograph of you and your friends, or it could be a design that means a lot to the gift receiver. Either way, they will be sure to appreciate a gift as thoughtful as this one. It is also a great way to give them a creative gift they might not be expecting. Always think outside of the box when thinking of gift giving!

Something to experience together

A lot of times, gift giving brings people to think about physical items. What people seem to forget is the gift of an experience! Think about something you would love to experience with your friend, be it a trip to a museum, art gallery, or concert. This is a great way to show them that you want to spend time with them. It also shows that you thought of them when thinking of going to a certain event

If you want to take this gift giving idea to the next level, take someone on a trip as a birthday gift. This is a sure way to make someone’s day. Traveling is one of the best gifts you can give or receive. This gift also means you get to take a trip with a friend, as well! There is no better way to be thoughtful while also expanding someone’s horizons.

Another idea is to take them on a surprise date night as a birthday gift. This could be to an array of locations in their hometown or in a nearby city you know they’ve wanted to visit.

There is no better birthday gift than a planned experience.

Something to help them start a good habit

The best gift you can give is something that makes someone want to be a better person. This can be a pass to a yoga studio, a yoga mat, a gym membership, or a gift card to a health food store. Whatever it is, if you know someone who wants to make a lifestyle change, the best gift you can give is a push in the right direction. Think about all of the great resources out there that can help everyone become their best selves! By giving the right gift, you can be a part of that shift.

This gift doesn’t have to be health related. Maybe they need help stepping out of their comfort zone. For example, maybe they are too nervous to take swimming lessons. Sign them up for a class and tell them you’ll join, too. Pushing your loved ones to step out of their comfort zones is a great gift that you have the power to give when a birthday rolls around.

Next time a birthday comes around, think outside of the box with these great gift-giving ideas.