3 Tips for Buying Casters

Casters are used in hospitals, restaurants, libraries, hotels, office buildings and even residential homes. Despite their ubiquity, however, you might be a little lost when it’s time to buy them for yourself. How are you supposed to pick through the hundreds of casters on the market? How can you be sure that you’re getting a good deal on your chosen product? If you’re trying to be smart about your caster selection, here are just a few suggestions for your next shopping trip.

Tips for Buying Casters

  1. Think About Specs

Casters aren’t measured in lengths and widths. They’re measured in diameters and load-bearing capabilities. Make sure that you look at these numbers before you add any leveling casters to your shopping cart; you want to be confident that they’re the right size for your equipment. It’s also important that they can withstand all of the weight that you plan on putting on top of them.

  1. Know Your Budget

Some casters are more expensive than others, especially if they come with special features like auto-brakes or precision swivel technology. The good news is that even high-quality casters won’t break the bank. You’ll just have to be careful when you start ordering them in large quantities. A single caster might be cheap, but once you buy four of them to outfit your rolling desk, your bill will become much higher.

  1. Read Customer Reviews

Last but not least, always read customer reviews before committing to a caster purchase. What do people think about the product? What do they think about the manufacturers? Are there any common threads in their concerns or complaints? If everyone is having an issue with the same thing, there’s probably some truth to their words. On the flip side, if only one person is griping, it’s probably safe to ignore them.

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you browse catalogues and directories for new casters. It isn’t always easy to decide what you want, but once you’ve made a decision, you can use these tips and start the purchase process with confidence.

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