3 Things to Make Your Carnival Fundraiser a Success

If you are holding a fundraising carnival, you know you have to balance spending enough money to make it special with the need to raise as many funds as possible, all while attracting a good crowd. Even in the digital age, a carnival can be a great crowd pleaser. Here are three things you’ll need to implement to make your carnival fundraiser a huge success.

Rented games

These are the upscale side of your carnival and part of the draw. The inexpensive activities can be a lot of fun and bring in money, but some great carnival rentals will draw everyone to the event in the first place. From a dunk tank rental NJ to a mini golf challenge rental FL, here are some of the best games to rent:

The dunk tank

If you’ve got a teacher or school principal or coach with a good sense of humor, you can be sure of people lining up to pay for a chance to dunk them. This game works best if you have set times to do it and rotate the people who are in it.

The high striker

This is a classic carnival game that lets people measure their strength by hitting the striker with a mallet. Men and boys in particular have a hard time resisting the chance to see just how high they can get!

Inflatable bouncers

Kids (and even some adults) love to jump around in bouncy houses and inflatable castles. These are always a huge hit with the younger crowd, and parents love a chance for a break while their kids get out some of the wiggles.

Inexpensive activities

In addition to rented games, you can also set up volunteer-manned booths with activities people enjoy and will be willing to pay for. These are less exciting than some of the rented activities, but they provide a break and also an inexpensive way to bring in more funds. Here are some of the best activities to include:

Guess how many

All you need for this activity is a big jar filled with little things. You can fill it with candy corn, buttons, peanuts, M&M’s or anything else. For a small donation (even $.25 will work if your crowd is large enough) anyone can register a guess. Make sure there’s a good prize for the winner. If you fill the jar with something edible, like jelly beans or candy, the prize can be taking it home.

Decorating contest

For a small fee, entrants bring their best cake, pie, or cupcakes decorated on a theme. Have judging throughout the day for different categories and a prize for the winners. Give carnival-goers a chance to buy any of the treats once the judging is over.

Bead making booth

Beads are almost irresistible to kids, and this is a great way to make some money. All you need is an inexpensive assorted bead mix and a long roll of cord. Sell tickets to allow parents and kids to work on a necklace, bracelet, or even a keychain. A ticket can either buy a certain amount of time or one piece.

Leverage social media

It would be a mistake to ignore the power of social media when it comes to your fundraiser. Make sure you’re using everything the digital age has to offer to the classic carnival.

Make volunteering and organizing easy

Everyone knows that volunteers are the heart of a fundraiser. You can get yours signed up and organized with Volunteer Signup, iVolunteer, and many other similar sites and apps.

Get custom geofilters

Snapchat will let you design custom filters. Create one around your carnival theme and use it for promotion both before and during your event. This lets people instantly share things they had fun doing and can draw more people to the fundraiser.

Whatever your big event is, be sure to incorporate a healthy mix of the latest trends, some inexpensive activities, and some rented games. You’ll boost your profits while ensuring everyone has a great time.

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